Printing Beach Towel : Countdown to Warm Weather Begins

Printed beach towel is one of the towels, you can print and dye some cartoon pattern on the beach towel. They will be more beautiful, frozen beach towel, micky mouse printed beach towel, Hawaii beach towel , and so on. On the basis of customers’ demand, Towelswell can professionally design all kinds of patterns.

If you refuse not eco-friendly dye ,you can choose Towelswell. Printed beach towels are made from reactive printing design, reactive dyes’ active gene can adequately react with fiber molecules. In the process of printing and dyeing, dyes and fiber closely fuse and roll into one. Active dye has good fixation rate and the lifting force, at the same time can reduce soaping colour fading. No matter how many times after washing, They will be still fresh and bright. Printed beach towel is the organic combination of different colors. In the stylist clever conception, Printed beach towels show different design style. These beach towel fabrics are of good quality, color bright, good color fastness and soft. Printed beach towels are excellent performance in dustproof, high cleanliness .

Now,printed beach towel is very popular in the world, favored by the majority of consumers. why don't you also have one.