Microfiber Mop

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About Microfiber Mop

All of these pads attach to the velcro strips on the mop head.
All pads are 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide and made in China. They are approximately 13cm x 46cm.
Machine washable.
Blue - Lightweight loop-pile wet pad with stitched edges
Red - Lightweight cut loop wet fluffy pad with piped edges
Tiger Stripe - Tile and grout pad with piped edges
Blue - Heavy duty loop-pile wet pad with foldover edges
White - String duster pad
The Orange Thick Dry Pad (as pictured under the 24" extra mop pads) is made of finer softer fibers and is an excellent choice for dusting and polishing floors. Use this pad dry to pick up fine dirt, dust, pet hairs, etc. Many of our customers actually prefer this pad for wet mopping also. This high quality microfiber pad will withstand many washings.


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