Best Microfiber towels - Antimicrobial Microfiber Towels

The antimicrobial feature of our towels consists of a special process by which Nanosilver particles are embedded into the microfiber material.This process is conducted during the initial stages of the fiber’s production at the textile mill.

This revolutionary textile uses an embedded Nanosilver antimicrobial agent to eliminate bacteria from within the cloth’s fibers!  which can be used as cleaning cloth, sports towels, travel towels, gym towels, yoga towels, bath towels  and so on. These towels effectively prevent musty odors and bacterial buildup. Why is this significant? The towels stop the growth of harmful bacteria which could otherwise contribute to substantial cross-contamination. As an extra precaution to be used in commercial and industrial cleaning, medical facilities, offices, schools, and anywhere else where strict sanitation is crucial, Nanosilver embedded antimicrobial microfiber towels are the best tool available. They reduce E. coli and Candida Albicans by 100% and Staph by 93.5% over 24 hours.

Traditional microfiber picks up over 99% of allergens, germs, and bacteria, locking them deep within the textile’s fibers. Now, with silver’s added antimicrobial benefits, contaminant-attacking ions are released within the towel, stopping the growth of bacteria. Our antimicrobial microfiber towels are manufactured with Microban®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent, embedded in the fibers of the towel. This feature allows the towel to retain its antimicrobial properties through hundreds of washes, outlasting any disposables and treated cloths. Safe and extremely effective, Microban® is EPA and FDA registered as an antimicrobial agent. Low cost, highly effective antimicrobial microfiber towels is now available from TOWELSWELL.