Baby Towels & Blankets Wholesale

Baby must have their own one or several towels,baby can't use towels of their parents, except the material,there is another reason,health. Towels of adults tend to have a lot of bacteria, because of the physical weak of children,they susceptible to bacterial attack. 

Generally,there are two kinds of baby towels,bamboo fiber baby towels and cotton baby towels
The biggest advantage of fiber baby towels is that they have natural antibacterial properties,and the biggest effect are to remove the odor and smell that baby produced since they always are lively and active,fiber baby towels also have health care function.

Most mothers will also choose cotton baby towels, because they have strong power of water absorption, so they can absorb water on the baby's skin quickly and prevent cold. But the premise is the towels must be "100% cotton". We can produce the ordinary bamboo fiber towels and cotton towels and also can produce organic bamboo fiber towels and organic cotton towels,they are more powerful, more healthy and greener.